More in his own words– John’s Twitter

I don’t have twitter account.  I’m not brief enough for twitter- lol.  I think John got one because Lance Armstrong had a twitter.  I decided to try to find John’s twitter account- here it is… in his own words…

(when I copied it into word, it decided to number them… 1 is the most recent entry- 88 is the oldest)


  1. On a treatment break. PET/CT in a week or so, then will decide what is next.10:23 AM May 12th from web
  2. Trying to get over the hump. Stay positive. All things will pass…4:47 AM May 6th from web
  3. 2nd round IL-2 done, not feeling too bad. Waiting to see if it’s working. Hip is driving me nuts.3:33 PM May 4th from web
  4. Next round of IL-2 starts April 29th2:06 PM Apr 20th from web
  5. Back home from IL-2 treatment. Feeling better every hour. Waiting to see what’s in store for me next.8:23 PM Apr 16th from web
  6. @lancearmstrong Any chance the Giro changed the route to skip France to ensure you’d be able to participate? That AFLD crap is silly!8:22 PM Apr 16th from web in reply to lancearmstrong
  7. Off to Hopkins tomorrow to start high dose IL-2. Should be fun!8:28 AM Apr 9th from web
  8. Back from NIH, they couldn’t help me. It’s up to Hopkins now. Wish me luck.3:18 PM Apr 4th from web
  9. Surgery on April 1st…2:43 PM Mar 27th from web
  10. Waiting to hear from NIH to see when I go in for liver surgery. Harvesting TIL… a little nervous, but I’ve heard good things about it.11:55 AM Mar 27th from web
  11. Enjoying video of Vuelta a Castilla y León on wish I understood Spanish.6:51 AM Mar 26th from web
  12. @lancearmstrong Saw the report on of your fall in CyL– hope everything’s okay, they reported broken collarbone7:27 AM Mar 23rd from web in reply to lancearmstrong
  13. @LizKreutz Y’all need to toss that NAVMAN and get a Garmin.7:05 AM Mar 23rd from web in reply to LizKreutz
  14. Tried to tweet from the National Cancer Institute yesterday, but their computer was toooo slow, amazing place otherwise…7:33 PM Mar 20th from web
  15. Looking at the digital images of my PET/CT scan… glad the experts know what it shows. I guess I need a healthy person to compare it to.4:43 PM Mar 16th from web
  16. WTF?! Now I feel a lump on my back near my spine. The PET didn’t show anything *there*… can’t I catch a f’n break?9:24 PM Mar 14th from web
  17. Enjoying the weekend before a flurry of doctor’s visits.. one a day next week.7:50 PM Mar 13th from web
  18. MRI was clear. Met with Dr Khatri for second opinion. He suggested I meet with another doctor and consider doing the IL-2 as soon a possible1:11 PM Mar 10th from web
  19. Just filed for SSA disability online. Glad I had a friend help… we’ll see how it goes.7:25 PM Mar 8th from web
  20. Have to be careful what I wish for… getting all my stuff in order in case the worst happens. Wish I had more life insurance…2:33 PM Mar 7th from web
  21. MRI this morning. That thing is noisy. Pictures looked okay to me, we’ll see what the experts say10:17 AM Mar 5th from web
  22. Crap. My cancer has spread. Liver, bones of hip & legs, and more lymph nodes. Inoperable. Need to decide on treatment. ($&%!6:46 PM Mar 3rd from web
  23. Oncologist just called, wants to see me tomorrow. I think the results of the PET/CT showed more than what we thought.7:22 AM Mar 2nd from web
  24. Done with PET/CT, they never tell you anything… will have to wait. Surgery scheduled for March 9th.12:29 PM Feb 26th from web
  25. Back to being a pincushion. Clinical trial round #4. PET/CT tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will just show the one spot… like last time 😦9:24 PM Feb 25th from web
  26. Back from oncologist, found a lump in my neck. Probably melanoma again. Yet another surgery… getting tired of this. Cancer sucks.11:29 AM Feb 25th from web
  27. @lancearmstrong Great riding today. It’s awesome seeing you at the front of the peloton again. Keep up the good work.8:08 PM Feb 22nd from web in reply to lancearmstrong
  28. @lancearmstrong Just barely caught this on TV at the time & LOVED it… Great job & keep riding & living strong! PM Feb 21st from web in reply to lancearmstrong
  29. @lancearmstrong Great ride today. The first hour+ of racing was exciting to watch as Astana responded to those breakaways.9:06 PM Feb 18th from web in reply to lancearmstrong
  30. #atoc At least the European idiots running along the road know not to interfere with the riders… someone educate these Cali-morons2:31 PM Feb 18th from web
  31. Sun in Cali, here’s hoping for video of the entire stage in the AToC.11:51 AM Feb 18th from web
  32. @lancearmstrong Takes out Yellow Jersey Levi…. Shrewd racing man, that’s dirty pool… you could’ve taken him in the TT =*) ( j/k )1:41 PM Feb 17th from web
  33. Looking forward to Stage 2 AToC… hopefully better weather for the riders. No pictures suck for coverage.7:55 AM Feb 16th from web
  34. @ghincapie Great job in the Prologue, very exciting to watch. Good luck the rest of the tour.4:02 PM Feb 14th from web in reply to ghincapie
  35. @lancearmstrong Great job! What a tremendous response from the crowd, must’ve been deafening.3:58 PM Feb 14th from web in reply to lancearmstrong
  36. Go Lance!3:39 PM Feb 14th from web
  37. Versus is a bust… good thing it’s online…. I’ve got nothing on the TV but a blank screen. <sigh>2:08 PM Feb 14th from web
  38. Watching the AmGen Tour of California… Cycling TV, Tour Tracker, Versus, Twitter… it’s information overload!1:34 PM Feb 14th from web
  39. errr… make that standby generator. 14Kw + automatic transfer switch with prioritizer = heat in winter, AC in summer, and hot water.2:58 PM Feb 13th from web
  40. Settled on the Home Equity LoC… 35k richer. Doing a deck, fence, Raven’s PSLs, and a standy generator… maybe some other stuff too.2:47 PM Feb 13th from web
  41. Back from taking the promotional test for Lieutenant at work… traffic sucked, almost didn’t make it. Now we just wait and see how I did.11:25 AM Feb 11th from web
  42. Thinking about Dad. He died from cancer 15 years ago today…3:06 PM Feb 10th from web
  43. Wondering why I’m still up… I should be in bed.11:03 PM Feb 9th from web
  44. Missing out on my first bike ride of the year…9:57 AM Feb 7th from web
  45. Archiving 8gb worth of photos from 2007 onto DVD.7:37 PM Feb 5th from web
  46. @LizKreutz Not that I use it, but my wife loves it……11:24 AM Feb 3rd from web in reply to LizKreutz
  47. Appraisal came back on the house, $475,000. Looks like the home equity loan shouldn’t be a problem.1:57 PM Feb 2nd from web
  48. <sigh> Once again the Steelers pull a win out of their ass…7:19 PM Feb 1st from web
  49. Editing some overnight video of Nate in his crib. Should be fun to see what he does all night.8:12 AM Feb 1st from web
  50. Appraiser came out to look at the house for an equity loan. Interested to see where he values it.. Was $440,000 at closing when we built it.4:16 PM Jan 30th from web
  51. I have two of the best doctors… saw Dr. Jaffe today- dermatologist. Luckily no need to biopsy the spot on my big toe- just bruised8:16 PM Jan 29th from web
  52. Saw Dr. E today. All checked out well. 2nd vaccine w/ BCG and blood work… That’s 8 shots today and I still have to give myself GM-CSF.12:52 PM Jan 28th from web
  53. Looking for parking around M&T Bank Stadium since I am now a Baltimore Ravens PSL Holder. Woot!!5:12 PM Jan 26th from web
  54. @johanbruyneel Really enjoying the tweets from TdU. Thank you and hope we can look forward to more from future races.5:13 PM Jan 22nd from web in reply to johanbruyneel
  55. How embarassing to be known as a great orator, and have a brain fart while taking your oath of office… Obama’s human, who knew?9:22 AM Jan 20th from web
  56. Good luck in your new job Rex Ryan. Sorry to see you go. Here’s hoping we get to kick your ass in the Superbowl next year!!7:30 PM Jan 19th from web
  57. [sigh] So close, yet so far… Great job this year RAVENS. No worries. It’ll be funny to watch Shitsburg lose to the Cardinals.7:36 PM Jan 18th from web
  58. Feeling bad for all the haters who keep doubting the RAVENS!5:03 PM Jan 10th from web
  59. Enjoying the first 3 day break of my new 24/72 work schedule.2:49 PM Jan 8th from web
  60. Too bad the NFL MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Comeback Player are all sitting at home watching the Playoffs on TV now. GO RAVENS!!8:38 AM Jan 5th from web
  61. Playing chess, and getting ready to watch the playoff game.1:35 PM Jan 3rd from web
  62. Got my BCG & Tumor vaccine today, starting round 2 of my clinical trial… daily shots again for 18 days.2:31 PM Dec 31st, 2008 from web
  63. Counting down to the Playoff battle against Miami.3:00 PM Dec 30th, 2008 from web
  64. Getting my crap together for the trip to the RAVEN’s game!! Woot!6:47 AM Dec 28th, 2008 from web
  65. Just got back from doing the traditional Christmas Eve rounds & placing the tree at Mom & Dad’s grave. Miss you guys.. more & more every day8:37 PM Dec 24th, 2008 from web
  66. Got a cold… so much for my super boosted cancer fighting immune system.6:10 PM Dec 22nd, 2008 from web
  67. @lancearmstrong One man’s ugly is another man’s b-e-a-utiful! Glad to have you back racing. Love your books and what you do with the LAF.9:35 PM Dec 20th, 2008 from web in reply to lancearmstrong
  68. Denied!8:36 PM Dec 20th, 2008 from web
  69. HA HA!!! Twice you m$*&%r fu#*$&$rs8:29 PM Dec 20th, 2008 from web
  70. Have always loved Matt Stover.7:58 PM Dec 20th, 2008 from web
  71. Gotta love Derrick Mason!7:29 PM Dec 20th, 2008 from web
  72. Getting ready to watch the Ravens ruin Dallas’ night.4:10 PM Dec 20th, 2008 from web
  73. Setting up my new phone to Tweet9:18 AM Dec 19th, 2008 from txt
  74. Getting ready to pop some Tylenol & Benadryl, then spread some Lidocaine cream on my belly in preparation for my IL-2 shot.6:01 PM Dec 18th, 2008 from web
  75. About to finish my first round of GM-CSF… tomorrow starts IL-2, a little nervous about that.12:26 PM Dec 16th, 2008 from web
  76. Yay! Finally done all my reports… too bad for the Ravens… Soooo close. =(5:15 PM Dec 14th, 2008 from web
  77. – Nate’s photo book created by Mary10:08 PM Dec 9th, 2008 from web
  78. So much for not working hard my first day back…12:39 PM Dec 9th, 2008 from web
  79. WhooHoo Ravens! Now let’s hope work can quit burning sh*t up… I don’t really need to work THAT hard my first day back in two months.8:37 PM Dec 7th, 2008 from web
  80. Good first half, let’s finish just as strong.7:13 PM Dec 7th, 2008 from web
  81. Go Ravens! A nice way to start.5:30 PM Dec 7th, 2008 from web
  82. Make that ‘Guess the Ravens won’t get any help.’2:31 PM Dec 7th, 2008 from web
  83. Trying to tweet by phone & watching Dallas stink up the field. Guess the don’t get any help.2:22 PM Dec 7th, 2008 from txt
  84. Working on getting a picture of Nate for the Christmas Card.11:39 AM Dec 7th, 2008 from web
  85. AM Dec 6th, 2008 from web
  86. AM Dec 6th, 2008 from web
  87.…9:57 AM Dec 6th, 2008 from web
  88. Setting up twitter, as if MySpace, Facebook, and my own website aren’t enough.9:57 AM Dec 6th, 2008 from web

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I was widowed in July 2009, when I lost my beloved husband, John, to melanoma. Cancer SUCKS. We have a young son who was just a year old when his father died. I live on a small farm in Maryland which is home to horses, cats, and a dog. I started this blog as a way for me to heal, a way to remember my husband, and eventually I'd like to share it with our son so he can see the love that his father had for him, the love that we had for each other, what a great person his father was, and how hard his father fought to live.
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