If you didn’t want the answer you shouldn’t have asked…

A rhetorical question of… “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what two things would you want?” was posed to me recently.

I said, “Can it be anything?  You probably don’t want to hear my answer.”

“Yes, it can be anything.  Yes, we do want to hear.”

“Are you sure.”

“Come on!”

“I’d like my husband back healthy and cancer free.”

<awkward silence>

If John were back and healthy, I don’t think there is anything we could have conquered.  For one, with John around, I could make the worst of a bad situation.  Secondly, John had probably seen all of the episodes of  “Survivorman” & “Man vs Wild” on the Discovery channel!  That would give us a good start.  lol  John was a very resourceful and intelligent firefighter.  For those of you who know good firefighters… they are expert problems solvers and have seen just about everything if they’ve been around long enough… blood… guts… metal twisted in myriads of ways… detached limbs… you name it… they’ve dealt with it… If the two of us were stranded on a deserted island… it wouldn’t be long before the three of us would be together as a family.

Bottom line… don’t ask if you don’t want to hear my answer.  I gave the opportunity to opt out.  Take the easy out… you’ll feel better and have a better day…

Signing off… Buzzkill Mary…

About Mary K. Smith

I was widowed in July 2009, when I lost my beloved husband, John, to melanoma. Cancer SUCKS. We have a young son who was just a year old when his father died. I live on a small farm in Maryland which is home to horses, cats, and a dog. I started this blog as a way for me to heal, a way to remember my husband, and eventually I'd like to share it with our son so he can see the love that his father had for him, the love that we had for each other, what a great person his father was, and how hard his father fought to live.
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