Photo a Day 11-27-10

Remi 11-27-10

A cold day here at Leaky Creek… well at least cold comparatively to the weather we’d been having.  Water tubs froze overnight… nasty cold wind whipping around!  Brrrr….  I spent most of the day inside.

Child managed to grate on my last nerve… LOVE the two-year-old age… such fun temper tantrums… “No!” & “Mine” are so pleasant when they are screamed in that charming tone of voice accompanied with the grabbing… and today we were not communicating well… I had no idea what he wanted and whatever it is that he wanted he really wanted and got frustrated because his mother didn’t get it/do it.  I still have no idea what he said.

There were a few times today where I thought perhaps John had the better end of the deal.

What happened to the cute, charming, polite, well behaved child?

He even showed his stray cat tendencies- you offer him something… he doesn’t want it…. you go to put it away… he gets upset… you go to hand it to him and he doesn’t want it and squawks.  You have to set it down and walk away- just like food for a stray cat- and let him come and get it on his own terms…  To add to this lovely display of behavior, he even sometimes  foams at the mouth (makes these charming little spit bubbles) while doing this… at least I know he’s not rabid.  If he gets himself really worked up then a vein on his neck will pop out… kind of like a turkey timer… he’s done!

The joys of two year olds.

The fun of being the only living parent.

I hear three is even better…


At least I have my four legged therapists…

Tiny 11-27-10

About Mary K. Smith

I was widowed in July 2009, when I lost my beloved husband, John, to melanoma. Cancer SUCKS. We have a young son who was just a year old when his father died. I live on a small farm in Maryland which is home to horses, cats, and a dog. I started this blog as a way for me to heal, a way to remember my husband, and eventually I'd like to share it with our son so he can see the love that his father had for him, the love that we had for each other, what a great person his father was, and how hard his father fought to live.
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