Winston- 1st (I'm pretty sure) time wearing a saddle 11-28-10


I think this is his first time wearing a saddle… I know his first time in the western saddle… the same saddle his sire used to wear ūüôā Someday… hopefully in the not too distant future, I’ll be in that saddle riding my boy! I can’t wait for that day to come!!!

I LOVE this horse. I didn’t have a helper. He was a pro- didn’t care about the saddle… I tugged on it… tapped on it… flapped the stirrups… he didn’t care… lunge him… he didn’t care… no bucking… no spooking… no playing… just a good boy. To top it off he had about 90% of his voice commands down! He’s a smart boy who wants to please… did I mention that I LOVE this horse????

Interesting day today…

Took kiddo to church in the AM.¬† Was DREADING it.¬† He was such a ‘stray cat’ at church last week that I was tempted to never enter a church building again… but the kind people at Bethel know that kids are kids and are very understanding.¬† I have friends who will help me with him, but they had the Ravens game today, so it was me and only me.¬† I told him that we should take Blue Dog and White Bear and how important it would be to be a good role model for them because they needed to learn how to sit quietly and listen at church.

Well… I don’t exactly know what happened… but he behaved.¬† He was cute, charming, polite, attentive… everything he is on a good day.¬† A M A Z I N G !!!!¬† So… secret is out… he CAN behave in church!!!!


Nathaniel, Blue Dog, & White Bear in church

Photographic proof!!! He CAN behave!!!!!!!!!


So… who knows what next week will bring….. but he CAN behave…

We tried a quick shopping adventure that brought out the terrible twos… but I’ll forgive that for as well behaved as he was in church… you can’t be perfect all of the time…

Stopped by a friend’s house to borrow a cat carrier for the cat- vet adventure planned for the AM.

Came back and to RIDE!!!!!¬† Yes, RIDE on one of my real live horses… not the 25 cent Walmart pony!!!¬† Willow was a good girl… we didn’t do a lot, but I’ve been needing a ride for the last three weeks or so…

Willow then gave pony rides…


Nathaniel on Willow 11-28-10


He looks so tiny on her… she’s probably about 15 hands… don’t remember the last time I put a stick on her.

I go back and forth over whether I should get Nathaniel a more appropriately sized equine that is dead broke, kid safe quiet or if he should learn on one of my crew.¬† My smallest is probably about 14 hands… large pony.¬† I also dream of a Winston Welsh cross that would be eligible to show as the Welsh shows as Half Welsh.¬† I’m pretty sure it would be one AWESOME baby… and maybe Winston could get some breedings from Welsh mares.¬† BUT… that would be another mouth… another expense… and the budget is already tight… but damn would that be a fine baby!¬† I LOVE working with the youngsters!!!¬† So, who knows… I get tired of being responsible… some days, I just want ME to get what I want.¬† Why can’t my dreams come true???

After my friends left, I pulled Winston out and worked him on the lunge line.¬† I’m pretty sure that he wore the saddle for the 1st time today.¬† In my head, I surveyed the situation… no helper… a stallion… a saddle.¬† I thought about tying him in his stall, but vetoed that idea… if he freaked out, I didn’t want to be thrown into any walls… I wanted to be able to get clear and get him safe.¬† How does the saying to… “do no harm.”¬† I thought about tying him in the ring, but again didn’t want to get thrown into fence.

So while he grazed, I ‘tossed’ the saddle pad over his head… under his belly… on his back… etc.¬† Reaction zero.

So, I went about putting the saddle on, cinched it up, flapped the stirrups, tapped on the saddle, tugged on the saddle… his reaction… zero, all he wanted to do was to continue eating his grass…

After I tacked¬† him, I tied him in the ring so I could get some quick shots…


Cant’ wait till this is my view!!!


Winston was a super star!!!  I was so proud of him!


Later in the evening we headed out to run an errand… while out, I found battery operated LED Christmas lights.¬† I bought six packs!!!¬† I knew they existed, but I hadn’t seen them in person.¬† Nothing like trying to contain your giddy excitment about finding lights for your husband & his parent’s graves.¬† What a life I lead…¬† To top it off, I’m trying to get my son excited…

“look honey… while all the other kids get to celebrate Christmas with their Daddies… we’ll be taking a tiny tree with battery operated lights to the cemetery for your Daddy!!¬† Aren’t you excited??? LOOK LED lights for the cemetery… do you know how many stores I’ve tried to find these in????”

Such is my life… such is my life…

On the way home we had to stop for a motor vehicle accident- as I sat there watching the firefighters, my mind wondered… back to the few times I’d seen John on a call.¬† He was in his element… doing his thing… a professional… in the zone… I was memorized watching him back then.¬† Don’t think anybody would ever be turned on watching me sit in my cubicle, but boy was he sexy doing his thing… damn… those were the days… I reflected on those memories.¬† I could have sat there all night and lapped up the John memories.¬† But, I was waived on… away from the scene… back to reality…

Now it’s late… a dog wants to come in from the cold…. I have to check the heater and temperature¬† in the garage.¬† Temps are set to go down to 26… have to makes sure my washer in the garage doesn’t freeze (that’s a story for another day) then a cold bed awaits me… such is life…¬† In the AM I get two wrestle cats into cat carriers in the AM… hey on the positive side my hands are already sore, cracked, and bleeding… another scratch on ten won’t make much more of a difference… wish me luck…

About Mary K. Smith

I was widowed in July 2009, when I lost my beloved husband, John, to melanoma. Cancer SUCKS. We have a young son who was just a year old when his father died. I live on a small farm in Maryland which is home to horses, cats, and a dog. I started this blog as a way for me to heal, a way to remember my husband, and eventually I'd like to share it with our son so he can see the love that his father had for him, the love that we had for each other, what a great person his father was, and how hard his father fought to live.
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