About me- Mary K. Smith

Hmm… how should I describe myself?  Let’s see… My name is Mary.  There we go… that’s a start.  I recently lost my husband… the love of my life, John, to melanoma.  July 21, 2009 to be precise.  I have a son, Nathaniel, who was born July 2008.  I live on a small farm in Maryland with seven horses & three cats.  I’m trying to pick up the shattered pieces of my life and move on… heal… be the best mom that I can be… and keep the farm, the horses (or some of them), and my sanity.  I think of John fondly so many times a day that I can’t even quantify it…. I miss him terribly, but life goes on.  I try to stay positive… I try to stay strong…. I try to keep going. 

People keep saying that I’m amazingly strong.  I don’t know about all that… I just keep doing what I have to keep doing.  Nathaniel seems to think I’m pretty cool most of the time… I keep telling him that I’m nothing special… he’ll figure that out when he’s a teenager.  I try to live life simply… hate drama… enjoy the little things in life… I’m just kind of a dork.  I’m caring… compassionate… empathetic… and I can turn just about any conversation into something about horses 😉  Dealing with John’s illness taught me to be a fighter… so, I’m that too!  I WILL stand up for what I think is right and I WILL stand up for the ones that I love!  Trying to LiveStrong…

Guess that’s me in a not so little nutshell.  Feel free to check out our website www.leakycreek.com for photos & more information.

3 Responses to About me- Mary K. Smith

  1. Nice talking with you tonight, Mary. horses too!

    Jackie W will be in the Vienna area from Nov 23 until 2 Dec. (Over the Thanksgiving week). I am going to go into Vienna to meet her. Her husband died right about a year ago. Perhaps we could both meet her the same day? (Don’t know which day yet.)
    My wife and I don ‘t have any travel plans for Thanksgiving this year. How long would it take to get to your area from Vienna, Va? don’t know if going all the way there is feasible or not.
    Believe you and Jackie would enjoy getting together.


  2. aidanoliverphotography says:

    Lovely blog and very very honest. Glad I came across it.

    Wishing you the best and hopes it gets easier as time goes on.


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