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NIH and the Government Shutdown

Across my news feed in Facebook  this article shows- 8-Year-Old Cancer Patient Among Those Affected By Government Shutdown October 3, 2013 5:35 PM View Comments Reporting Jessica Kartalija BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Every week, hundreds of patients, including children, are admitted to new … Continue reading

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Ferris Wheel

Driving home, I spotted a ferris wheel at a carnival.  It was beautiful against the backdrop of the night sky… bright flashing lights drew attention to the ride. My mind wandered to my last ferris wheel ride… with John… at … Continue reading

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Prayers for George

Today, kiddo and I were having lunch at one of our favorite establishments, Miss Oxford Diner.  One of the waitresses loves kiddo and the two of them were having fun.  We were almost finished our lunch and kiddo was filled … Continue reading

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Pre-K saga

I had mentioned previously how I worried that my son was being “labeled” because of his father’s death.  Apparently, the public school isn’t that concerned because we found out that kiddo didn’t get in… well, rather probing questions determined that … Continue reading

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Moonlit profile

A full moon shines brightly over the summer sky, tonight.  As I walked towards the field, I glanced at the horse walking towards me, my heart stopped for a second… the image… the profile was that of my very beloved … Continue reading

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Due date

July 14th, 2008 was my due date.  Kiddo was showing no signs of budging, so John and I did exactly everything we shouldn’t have done… we went to Annapolis… probably a good hour maybe more away from the hospital.  I … Continue reading

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Making peace with the lawnmower

Sunday evening, I made peace with the zero turn mower.  It may seem strange, but it’s actually a big step.  John used to mow.  I didn’t even know how to drive the zero turn.  He’d tried to show me when … Continue reading

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