The Cast

(work in progress)

On Earth:


Mary K. Smith- see “About Me”

Nathaniel P. Smith- Our son.  Nathaniel was born in July 2008.  He loves his puffs.  Well.. he loves food in general!  He loves animals- especially doggies, cats, and sometimes horses (sometimes he loves to see them… other times he is offended that they have their big noses too close!)  He is a top notch bird watcher— “Bird” he’ll say and point!  He loves playing outside.  Nathaniel enjoys story time at the Cecil County Library.  He tends to be a thinker and is very observant and attentive.  He’s also cute as a button and everybody LOVES his cheeks!













In Heaven:


John Pershing Smith II- (November 9, 1973 – July 21, 2009) If love could beat cancer, John would be alive and thriving.  He was the best father a baby could want.  He fought so hard for Nathaniel.  I don’t believe his greatest fear was dying.  I believe it was having Nathaniel grow up without a father.  John was a super husband- we were perfect for each other.  He was a talented firefighter and loved training.  He took so many classes and loved learning everything that he could.  He was so proud of becoming a Fire Instructor.  He was very excited to help with AFD’s first recruit class in the AFD academy.  Sadly, he became sick and was only able to teach a little bit.  With the Community Company of Rising Sun, he attained the rank of Captain.  In Annapolis Fire Department, he rose to Firefighter First Class.  He so wanted to make Lieutenant and even started the interview process when he was sick.  He always sought to learn more.  John loved Rising Sun- he was a lifelong resident, he loved the state of Maryland, and he loved the United States.  Although John never earned a college degree, he was one of the smartest people I knew.  He was very well versed and well rounded in his knowledge and would have been a great game show contestant!John was also a computer whiz and had a special knack at creating websites!  He loved playing his computer games- mainly Diablo and World of Warcraft.   He loved the Ravens and bought club level PSLs.  He was so excited to go to the games, but never got a chance to.  John enjoyed cycling and completed 2 century rides- 2007 Sea Gull Century and the 2008 Philly LiveStrong Challenge.  John also enjoyed photography and archery.  Cats were his favorite pets and Winnie and John adored each other.  John had a great sense of humor.  I loved his smile and the twinkle in his eyes!  He hated his long skinny legs- I loved them!  John did his best to make sure that Nathaniel and I would be taken care of.  He fought melanoma with all he had and never quit.  John embodies the word LiveStrong and lived it till his dying day.  He never stopped living.

Ann Smith

David Smith




Kit Kat



Toby (Stray Grey)

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    Thinking of you….God Bless

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